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 Your pet will be vaccinated and off you go!  We will remind you when your next vaccines are due.

What to Expect

Great Service, Low Price and my Max was taken care of. Thank you!


A Wellness check to ensure your pet is healthy prior to vaccines including weight and vitals. 

Animal Fair Low Cost Shot Clinic has been serving the Tucson pet community with low cost vaccinations for over twenty years. 

From our first location at Golf Links and Kolb to our current mobile locations, we have remained true to our mission of providing a low cost alternative for owners to vaccinate their healthy animals while providing quality care.

We operate mobile vaccination clinics inside pet stores on weekends for your convenience.

Our clinics provide a free wellness check each time your pet is vaccinated by one our licensed veterinarians.

We offer vaccines, heartworm tests and prevention, microchipping and flea and tic prevention.   We also offer feline leukemia test and vaccines.  

Click here for vaccination schedule of dogs and cats.

Appointments Preferred, but walk-ins welcomed!





Tell us a little bit about your pet and what vaccines they need.  

Staff was great with our terrified dogs. The doctor had patience and was able to calm them down.